1. Field Regulations
    a. Measuring and certifying bases, mound and plate distances and slopes
2. Infield Surface
    a. Assess stability of infield mix
    b. Grade infield with leveling attachment
    c. Install infield soil conditioner with vitrified clay (red in color) to
        improve water absorption and infiltration
    d. Install new warning track extending around the backstop between the
        1st base and 3rd base dugouts to increase safety and reduce wear.
    e. Aerate, Overseed, Fertilize and Topdress the infield grass with Scotts
        products if necessary, in coordination with, and with the approval of,
        the SMCC groundskeeping staff.
3. Perimeter of Playing Field
    a. Rebuild bullpens on 1st and 3rd base side
    b. Add 2nd bullpen on 1st base side using removed material from warning
        track area as a stable base, pending a review of soils for suitability.
    c. Deliver tarps for home plate and pitching mound areas